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movie meme
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More than I thought ..I've seen a lot of horror movies -- used to love them, but with little kids, they aren't exactly family viewing material! My sister and I went to see Freddy Vs. Jason when it opened a few years ago -- it was pretty bad, but we got the campy fun we were hoping for.

snow day!

Oct. 13th, 2006 08:45 am
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Yes, you read that right -- no school for the kids, no work for G -- though he'd already taken the day off -- due to SNOW. We have about 7" and more is falling now. Can't believe it -- I've never seen snow like this so early in the year!

Lots of power lines and the like down in Buffalo (tv says 300K w/o power) but here on zee island we are safe, and I even went to the grcery store yesterday. Only casualty is the patio umbrella, snapped clean off due to the weight of the snow. Not going anywhere today as many roads are closed and no uneccesary travel is advised, so we stay in and I futz around. Yay!

I can't even do laundry since they have instituted a water restriction. Oh darn. ;)

Kids out playing in the snow, having a ball. Oddly, L asked me earlier in the week when it would snow. "Not until after Thanksgiving, probably," I said. Oops.
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This came out sorta cool -- after I got rid of the nudity!

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To all y'all who see me on yours, add if interested. I took my email off my profile page for a couple of reasons, but I love new friends!
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The Rules: You must come up with 6 weird things/habits about yourself, and then tag 6 other people to do the same.

1. I hate wearing shoes that lace up, especially sneakers. My current sneakers are almost 9 years old, and I wear them about twice a year at most.

2. I pick at my cuticles.

3. I don't like the feel of satin or nylon. Only recently have I been able to tolerate velvet, and only in small doses. I only wore cotton bras for *years*.

4. I have never once operated a lawn mower, and it is my intent to die without ever doing so. In exchange, G has agreed that I will do all sewing/mending/fixing of clothing and related items. FINE with me! :)

5. I used to be unbeatable at Bible Trivia when I was a kid.

6. I dislike soda, and have never once had a cola of any kind: the smell turns my stomach. I average about two sodas a year now. Mostly I just mainline coffee, iced tea, and water -- used to drink a gallon of water a day, but that's dropped off.

All y'all that want to be tagged, you're tagged.

OH, and: today is Steak and BJ day, as well as Pi day -- so...since G can't have steak (but CAN eat soft food again as of tonight), he gets chicken and mushroom pie, his favorite dinner, which meets the pie criteria. I suppose I can handle the other part,too, lol. ;)
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Well, once we got my ski bindings figured out, we were off, and we all had a good time. We went a couple of miles all together. L has snowshoes, and she was quite the little trooper, tromping around. JP took to skiing very well, well enough that G has declared that we shall all play hooky and go skiing at a resort close to here on Friday. Whee!

JP wants to put his skis back on and go out again. Um. I am of half a mind to LET him, so he can see how sore he'll be, but nah. Heh.
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yay! the money I thought I'd not see for some of the work I did last semester is going to arrive shortly -- wow! Since it looks like most of my research work will dry up by the end of May or June, this will help.

Have to take cats to the vet today. That ought to be fun, in the cold and snow. The little cat is a holy terror when it comes to getting her IN the carrier, but then she gives up. The big cat is oblivious and cooperative.

Must also hit the grocery store and get some lock de-icer, as my driver's side door lock on my car is frozen solid and climbing over the passenger seat is a royal PITA.

My, I'm entertaining today. ;)
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Betty Friedan died today. I had the honor of meeting her in 1993 when I was in college, and she was so nice to stammering, awed me.

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Perhaps this is more suited for the knitting community, but L lost another tooth today -- to a knitting needle.

I have a pair of 14" size 10 bamboo straights on the couch with my latest project, and L was messing with them. She had one needle in her hand when JP slammed into her (they have been really bouncy today) and it went into her mouth and out popped her tooth.

Least it a) came out cleanly, and b) was loose anyways. She's fine, no scrapes or anything, but SHEESH.
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Tomorrow I start work on another project that will pay me $1K over the semester -- w00t! I'm also going to set up my thesis proposal appointment with one of the professors here so I can finalize what I want to do with that.

JP thinks he needs glasses, so I have to make an appointment with the eye doctor for him ASAP. Yes, the ex is supposed to pay half of these things, but I'd have better luck getting blood from a stone. Hopefully JP doesn't need glasses, or we can get him inexpensive ones. Too bad this didn't come up last year, when I could have gotten them for $30 with my former insurance.

My stats class looks manageable, which is a relief. Only problem is that the dept. is way overfilling classes: we have a "theoretical cap" on grad classes at 15, but every class I've had, save one, has been about 28-30 people. For undergrad, that's cool, but there is a lot less discussion than I initially expected. The semester as a whole won't be too bad: 2 papers, one class with no tests at all, and everything for stats is take-home. Whee!
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The car passed inspection, hurray! Plus, the inspector drilled out the broken screws and mounted the plate for free, which makes up for having to buy new wiper blades.

The kids' new beds were a huge hit -- G was able to bring them down from Ikea in his car and set them up this weekend. L's room is now rather cramped, but nothing to do about that. Her birthday is next week, and I am hoping to stave off a flurry of large, bulky gifts as there is little room in there now! I do have a few little things for her that should make her happy, and will get another little thing before the big day -- when I have class from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. . :P

Have some more work to do, but in no hurry to do it.
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I finally got around to changing my car registration and getting new license plates yesterday.

It'd be nice, though, if I hadn't managed to break off BOTH of the screws on the back plate holder, leaving no way to fasten the back plate on there. :P I'll have to pay someone to drill out the old screws and then I can put the new ones in. Until then, I will have the ghetto look of a plate in the back window.

I did get the burned-out headlight bulb out without a) injuring myself or b) breaking anything, which is a definite plus. Perhaps with that replaced, the car will pass inspection. It'd better, because I don't really WANT to buy a new car now.

Have to get my mom and dad's presents mailed -- since one is a calendar, I REALLY need to get going! eep.
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What better way to welcome 2006 in than with more memes?

Courtesy of anna_lis_a:
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3 of my grades are in:

A in my criminal justice management seminar
A- in Research Methods (sigh)
S in my independent study/TA

There goes my 4.0. :P

My theories prof emailed me today asking wth my final was -- I sent it in last Friday! eeeeeek. I hope that one comes out okay....I am doing pretty well in that class, though.

More work awaits, sigh. I feel lazy today.
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Yay! My lovely package from ibex67 arrived today! :)

Much nice stuff inside, including chocolate, some cute jewelry (which I have to wear!), a book, bath confetti, and a stuffed Snoopy doll, which L immediately commandeered. :) I had one much like that when I was her age, so it was a sweet memory re-visted.

Thanks so much!

Much calmed down from the l*ce escapade, though L's teacher was a BITCH about it and sent home a freakin' NOTE telling parents to "make sure to wash the art smocks, because of the lice infestation in our class". Grrr. Thanks to primaflora's site, I know that is not where they should be concerned, but still. The school has a policy of not saying who had the bugs, at least, but the teacher is such a flake she probably will tell people.

It is snowing heavily here, which puts the kibosh on shopping tonight, but we CAN go over the border this weekend, as the kids' passports came today! Hooray!
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Lookit my little avatar! Isn't he sweet?

I sent out (or rather, G did) cards to all who asked. If you still want one, drop me an email (in my LJ profile) as I have some left!

Horrid night last night. L has been scratching her head lately...I checked, and, oh, dear Og, it was l*ce. I can't even type the WORD out!

I had a final at 8 p.m. that I had, in all honesty, not studied well for (prefering to dick around and shop and work and all). I found the ...thing...on her at 3:30, called G in a panic (as l*ce was/is my worst fear for the kids) Got some medicated shampoo stuff, treated her, spent the next hour nit-combing L, and then did me, JP, and G. None of us had anything, only L. She has an ouchy rash on her neck from irritation, though, poor pickle.

I studied while G nit-combed me -- now THAT is love. He washed all the bedding and cleaned while I took my final -- which wasn't actually too hard, and I think I did well. On my wayt out, the professor asked me if I'd be interested in earning $1000 next semester -- uh, yeah. He needs someone to compile incarceration stats for a project he is working on, which is something I can very easily do! Yay!

L got a clean bill from the nurse at school and is back there today. I am 100% positive she got these from someone at school who did NOT fess up about it -- look, I know it is horribly embarassing and all, but you DO have to be honest with the other parents!

So, in the last year and a half, we have had pinkeye, pinworms (that was AWFUL), l*ce, and the one cat had fleas. Gah. I want to live in a little hermetically sealed BOX now.
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Who wants a "holiday card" mailed to them, with bonus lovely picture of myself and the family? Well, okay, *a* picture.

I have comments screened, so just post addresses and you'll get one after finals are done next week. :)

/yes, I'm studying, Mom.


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