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The Rules: You must come up with 6 weird things/habits about yourself, and then tag 6 other people to do the same.

1. I hate wearing shoes that lace up, especially sneakers. My current sneakers are almost 9 years old, and I wear them about twice a year at most.

2. I pick at my cuticles.

3. I don't like the feel of satin or nylon. Only recently have I been able to tolerate velvet, and only in small doses. I only wore cotton bras for *years*.

4. I have never once operated a lawn mower, and it is my intent to die without ever doing so. In exchange, G has agreed that I will do all sewing/mending/fixing of clothing and related items. FINE with me! :)

5. I used to be unbeatable at Bible Trivia when I was a kid.

6. I dislike soda, and have never once had a cola of any kind: the smell turns my stomach. I average about two sodas a year now. Mostly I just mainline coffee, iced tea, and water -- used to drink a gallon of water a day, but that's dropped off.

All y'all that want to be tagged, you're tagged.

OH, and: today is Steak and BJ day, as well as Pi day -- so...since G can't have steak (but CAN eat soft food again as of tonight), he gets chicken and mushroom pie, his favorite dinner, which meets the pie criteria. I suppose I can handle the other part,too, lol. ;)
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