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Lookit my little avatar! Isn't he sweet?

I sent out (or rather, G did) cards to all who asked. If you still want one, drop me an email (in my LJ profile) as I have some left!

Horrid night last night. L has been scratching her head lately...I checked, and, oh, dear Og, it was l*ce. I can't even type the WORD out!

I had a final at 8 p.m. that I had, in all honesty, not studied well for (prefering to dick around and shop and work and all). I found the ...thing...on her at 3:30, called G in a panic (as l*ce was/is my worst fear for the kids) Got some medicated shampoo stuff, treated her, spent the next hour nit-combing L, and then did me, JP, and G. None of us had anything, only L. She has an ouchy rash on her neck from irritation, though, poor pickle.

I studied while G nit-combed me -- now THAT is love. He washed all the bedding and cleaned while I took my final -- which wasn't actually too hard, and I think I did well. On my wayt out, the professor asked me if I'd be interested in earning $1000 next semester -- uh, yeah. He needs someone to compile incarceration stats for a project he is working on, which is something I can very easily do! Yay!

L got a clean bill from the nurse at school and is back there today. I am 100% positive she got these from someone at school who did NOT fess up about it -- look, I know it is horribly embarassing and all, but you DO have to be honest with the other parents!

So, in the last year and a half, we have had pinkeye, pinworms (that was AWFUL), l*ce, and the one cat had fleas. Gah. I want to live in a little hermetically sealed BOX now.
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